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Nestled in Southwest Tazewell County, Mockingbird Vineyards offers a relaxed country setting perfect for grape growing near Manito IL. Grapes are grown in a well drained sandy soil. When drought conditions exist, drip irrigation is used to supplement our watering needs. The 7 acre vineyards are surrounded by timber and field crops adjacent to Spring Lake Fish and Wildlife Area. If the timing is right, you can see many types of wildlife: fox, turkey, American bald eagles, swans, geese, and of course...mockingbirds. The grapes are available for purchase, and we welcome our wine makers to schedule a visit with us or simply... a phone call for more details.

"It's not about just growing grapes, it's about our relationship with the winery and winemaker to allow for the best possible wine the juice can become."

~ Doug Abbott, Owner, Mockingbird Vineyards

Contact us: dkabbott@grics.net