• Frontenac
  • Leon Millot
  • Noriet
  • St. Croix
  • Concord

  • Vignoles
  • Seyval Blanc
  • LaCrosse
  • Niagra





Frontenac- a dark skinned, hybrid French American grape variety. It can make a delightful dry, sweet or Rose' style wine. It is increasingly being used to make a flavorful port wine. This variety has a cherry aroma and a secondary characteristic of black currant, plum and sometimes chocolate identified.

Leon Millot-a dark skinned, hybrid French American grape variety. It ripens very early in a vineyard. It is light to medium bodied with very deep color and a wide range of berry aromas. Loved by many as a dry red wine.

Noriet- a new youthful variety deep in color, good for a stand alone dry wine or ideal for blending. Distinct peppery flavor exist from variety grown in central Illinois.

St Croix- A dark skinned American hybrid. A distinct dark color. Flavors of dark berries and currants are common. A favorite.

Concord- A Lubrusca variety. A very 'grapey' flavor. Ideal for sweet wine. Popular for blending.

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