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Village of Manito Contact Information

Mayor: Timothy Sondag - cell -241-7139 - tsondag@gmail.com - 309-449-4145(W) 309-449-4223 (FAX)

Clerk: Lee Lacey - cell – 309-657-8667 - manitoclerk@casscomm.com

Treasurer: Paulette Julius -309 613-6182

Chief of Police: Scott Montgomery - cell - 309-241-2761 • manitopd@casscomm.com

Director of Public Works:

Zoning: Ken Farnam - work- 309-968-6652 cell -309-360-2926 • kfarnam@grics.net

ESDA: Dan Kraft 309-261-3340

Susan Messman - 968-7080 •309-620-2603 • manitopublicworks@casscomm.com
Loma Burks - 968-7080 - manitopublicworks@casscomm.com
Brad Herbig - 309-613-0632 - manitopublicworks@casscomm.com
Steve Sondag - 773-469-4365 - 309-202-0248 - manitopublicworks@casscomm.com
Glen “Butch” Holstlaw -309-657-6916 - manitopd@casscomm.com
Jen Vance - 309-643-5876

County Clerk: Summer Brown 309-543-6661 • FAX 309-543-2085
Probation: Lynn Garrison cell 309-613-6194
Attorney: William V. Anderson 309-694-6250 - FAX 309-694-7541 - lawfirm@williamandersonlaw.com
Engineer: Maurer - Stutz - Jim Schmudde - (C) 309-253-4750 - 309-693-7615 FAX 309-693-7616
Auditors: Willock, Warning & Co. PC - 309-347-3152 • FAX 309-347-3153

Finance • Chair: Guy Mattson
Cell - 309-202-2317 - guy.mattson@il.usda.gov • FAX 309-449-4272
Trustees: Jerry York & Rod Emmons

Judiciary • Chair: Ken Lacey
309-968-0058 • kaledsel@hotmail.com
Trustees: Rod Emmons & Guy Mattson

Zoning & Ordinance • Chair: Rod Emmons
Cell - 309-840-4820 • rsbchemmons@yahoo.com
Trustees: Jack Nieuwkoop & Ken Lacey

Water & Sewer • Chair: Jack Nieuwkoop
Cell - 309-338-9117 - jnew@sunriseagservice.com
Trustees: Jerry York & Connie Herbig

Streets & Alleys • Chair:
Phone -
Trustees: Connie Herbig & Jack Nieuwkoop

Parks & Safety • Chair: Connie Herbig
Cell 309-613-0633 - bcherbig@yahoo.com
Trustees: Ken Lacey & Guy Mattson

Popcorn Festival - Lee R. Lacey Chairman - 309-657-8667 - lerooy1942@gmail.com
Co-Chair/Treasurer - Dorothy Kreiling - 309-597-2124
Co-Chair/Secretary - Rayeann Meeker - 309-968-7200

MANITO TOWNSHIP • Supervisor - Judy Richardson Lacey - 309-968-0058
Meetings at Manito Township Precinct second Tuesday of each month
John “Tex” Sunderland - 309-256-2103
Cal Willard - 309-840-7257
Rosemary Palmer - 309-545-2423

UPDATED: 9/13/2015

Manito’s Revolving Loan Fund
The Village of Manito has funds available through the Village’s Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program for low interest loans to local businesses. Funds may be used to increase business capital for start ups or working capital for improvements or projects that will increase or retain jobs.
Loan applications are available at the Village Hall. Questions: Contact Nancy Proehl at 309-968-6780 or jdandnancy65@gmail.com.

Meeting Dates: 
Village Board Meeting Dates: 7 p.m.
(All meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at the Village Hall except when first Monday falls on legal holiday. Then meetings are moved to second Monday.*
Chamber of Commerce Board meetings: 7 a.m. First Friday of each month at “Roper's Family Restaurant”
Forman Valley Library Board Meetings: 6:00 p.m. at the Forman Valley Library in the following months: Feb., May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Nov., Dec.
 First Friday Book Club: 9 a.m. on First Friday * at Forman Valley Library
*Date Changed to second Friday due to conflicts.
Manito Historical Society: 6:30 p.m. at Forman Valley Library. Second Monday of each month